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My Fur-Kids

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I adopted Scooter from PAWS rescue about 14 years ago and he has been my faithful companion ever since. He is a purebred Bichon Frise.  The older he gets, the more grumpy he can be and likes to be alone sometimes. He is extremely stubborn and obsessed with his blanket. Scooter is very smart.


I have had Max since he was a puppy. He is the Mr. Friendly has HAS to say hi to anyone he sees, especially other dogs and kids. He is the most compassionate dog I have ever known. He can sense emotions very well. He is obsessed with chews.  Max is also a Bichon Frise.


I adopted Prancer in 2007, he is a pomerian (or mini american eskimo, or both). He has endless energy and is so hyper that he does countless hilarious things that other dogs don't. He gets along with my dogs and other dogs but he had some sort of trauma before I adopted him that causes him to have fear and aggression towards strangers (especially men). Prancer is not good when he first meets new people and dogs.  I need to introduce him to other dogs without the added stress of strangers around.


I recently adopted Casper in 2014. He is very gentle and sweet. He is a lap dog for sure. He loves to run with prancer and go to the park with my bichons. He is a total spaz case in the morning, too much energy to know what to do with! I think that is typical of the Maltese breed.  He loves to bark at nothing all day.

Me and my four fur-kids