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My Teaching Philosophy

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I believe that in current times the piano and music are taken for granted.  Children do not really want to learn but are more interested in quickly playing a popular song simply by copying someone who can already play it.   Too many people are more interested in seemingly fast results, rather than a true underlying foundation of knowledge that creates a life-long musician from the inside out.


My philosophy is that there are definite values that should be upheld when learning music, especially the piano and classical repertoire.  These values start with the basics of reading music (notation and counting) and understanding how music is written.  Once a student learns the basics, they are never limited in what they can learn because they can pick up any piece of music and play it (without the need to copy someone else).


Another core value is learning how to play musically.  Many people think that once they learn the notes, they have mastered the song!  This is far from accurate.  There is so much more to music than just learning the notes.  I strive to put an understanding of playing musically into each of my students.  I encourage them to really listen to the sounds they are creating.  My long term goal is for them to gradually become their own teachers so that when they practice at home they will be able to assess their playing on a higher level.


In order to provide well-rounded piano instruction with an underlying musical foundation, I cover the following subjects in varying degrees in each lesson:


1. Note reading and recognition

2. Counting, rhythm reading and recognition

3. Proper technique

4. Sight Reading

5. Playing Musically

6. Theory

7. Memorization

8. Ear Training

9. New Repertoire

                                  10. Ensemble Playing (Duets, etc.)


Ultimately, I want to create musicians, not mere mimics, each with their own unique heart, soul, mind, and musical gifts.  With each student I endeavor to instill a love for the piano and for all music.  I want to show them the beauty and wonder of classical repertoire.  I do my best to make sure every student has complete confidence in themselves and their musical abilities.  I want them to be proud of who they are and what they can accomplish.  I don’t want my students to settle for less; on the contrary, I strive for them to aspire to be their best.